How much does a tooth filling cost?  Or specifically a tooth colored filling.  The cost of a tooth colored composite filling depends on how many surfaces the filling covers.  For example if the filling is only on the biting surface of a tooth it costs less than a filling that is on the biting surface and front surface of the tooth.  Typically if a filling involves 4 or more surfaces it is no more expensive than a four surface filling.  If a dental filling begins to include more than 50% of the surface of a tooth and/or it is rebuilding a major functional surface of a tooth than a crown may become necessary.  The cost of a filling also is a function of where the dental office is located for example a dental office in Chevy Chase Maryland may be more expensive than one in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The likely reason for geographic changes in cost is the difference in business operating costs.  What a person pays out of pocket for a tooth colored filling as opposed to the total cash cost for the dental filling may be what is of concern.  Generally in Rockville, Maryland a filling will cost between $200-$400 for a tooth colored composite filling.