Bad Breath

How do I get rid of Bad Breath?

For better or worse, there aren’t many new-and-improved methods for getting rid of bad breath, or what’s also called ‘Halitosis.’ A certain type of bacteria, which can build up in the mouth in the absence of regular brushing or flossing, causes Bad Breath. This is almost always the culprit—but there’s an exception we’ll get to in just a moment.

For many people, the occasional instance of Bad Breath is a part of life. For those who worry about it a little more, let’s review the steps we suggest to our patients every day, ranging from the basic to the slightly more obscure.


First of all, are you brushing? Are you flossing? If not, let’s just start right there.

If you’re brushing and flossing regularly, but still have an issue with Bad Breath, another suggestion our hygienists suggest is a tongue scraper. The most highly-rated tongue scraper on Amazon, now that we’re taking a look, costs under $7. One reviewer says that this particular product “just might be the Cadillac of tongue scrapers.” Sounds pretty good.

Beyond that, we would suggest you watch your diet. If fresh breath is your priority, it’s possible that onions and garlic should be on your personal list of foods to avoid.

Moving along from the more obvious pieces of advice, we’d also like to suggest that you stay hydrated. A well-hydrated body usually creates enough saliva needed to flush the mouth of much of the bacteria that causes bad breath. If you’re on certain types of medicines, this can also lead to ‘dry mouth’ so keep that in mind if you’re trying to root out a mysterious case of recurrent Halitosis.

Unfortunately, some people with healthy mouths and good habits still get Bad Breath, and there can occasionally be reasons that trace beyond the mouth. In particular, acid reflux can cause Bad Breath, and can also damage your teeth. While protecting your teeth is your dentist’s job, treating acid reflux is beyond the scope of dentistry.

Some more serious causes of Bad Breath include untreated gum disease, teeth with untreated dental decay,  and wisdom teeth that cannot be cleaned properly and need to be removed. If you have a healthy diet and brush and floss regularly, but still have Bad Breath, we recommend coming in for a consultation so we can determine the cause.