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We are a One Stop Dental Implant Center. Our Implant Specialists can Permanently Replace One Tooth or Your entire mouth with Dental Implants if necessary. We have 3 Implant Specialists who do Implant Surgery and Implant Crowns

3D X ray and Cone Beam Imaging with our ICat for Implant Planning and Safety

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Replace One Tooth

The Implant Dentist challenge in North Bethesda Maryland is to replace missing teeth as quickly and effectively as possible. Imagine if you needed to replace your front tooth. What is the tooth replacement process and how will the implant specialist replace the tooth and what will it look and function like? Tooth colored Zirconia Implants are now an option and may be more biocompatible too. Implants can replace teeth to 100% of original Natural tooth function. Implants look and feel like Natural teeth. Single Implants produce the best result for the Implant dentist. Read More…

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Replace Few Teeth

Spans of Teeth can be replaced with Implant Bridges. Implant Bridges typically include 2 Implants, 2 Abutments and 3-4 Connected Zirconia Implant Crowns. Fixed Implant Bridges are a permanent tooth replacement and do not ever need to be removed. Our Implant specialists in Rockville MD deliver fixed implant bridges confidently and individuals who need teeth replaced are very satisfied. Read More…

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All On 4 Implants

Our Implant Specialists offer All on 4 in North Bethesda Maryland. All on 4 typically involves 4-6 dental implants supporting a full arch of replacement teeth. The full mouth implant bridge needs to be completed by a highly trained implant specialist. Replacing a full mouth of teeth is far more complex than replacing a single tooth. Read More…

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Single Implants and Implant Bridges Replacing All Teeth

A full mouth of teeth can be replaced with a full mouth of implants and small bridges. This option produces the best full mouth implant result but due to the high cost many patients will opt for All on 4 or implant dentures. Read More…

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Implant Denture

Replace a full set of teeth with Implant Dentures. Dentures with Implants is the most affordable way to replace a full mouth of teeth. Implant Dentures are very stable, but are removable by the patient. Read More…

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Zirconia Implants

Our Zirconia Implant Doctors place metal-free zirconia implants. Zirconia Implants have been called the Cosmetic Dental Implant because they are white and tooth colored. Holistic and Biological Implant Dentists have been waiting for a good tooth-colored implant options for years. Ceramic dental implant technology has delivered. Ceramic Implants are made of zirconia that is a biocompatible, ceramic material that completely integrates into jaw bone. Zirconia, Metal Free Implants are placed by Implant Specialists in many Holistic Dental Offices and now are being used in many conventional dental clinics as the Implant material of choice. Many Dental Implant Experts believe all dental implants will eventually be made of Zirconia. Read More…


bone grafts for dental implants  dental implants vs dentures

Bone Grafting May be necessary in the event of lots of infection or teeth that have been missing

We have an ICat 3D X-ray system aka Cone Beam or CBCT system. The system will show a 3d image of your entire upper and lower for purposes of implant planning. The system is a new and state of the art system for implant imaging. If Need be we offer Natural Bone Grafting and PRF Platelet Rich Plasma for generating the bone and gum needed for implants.

Key Advantages to Dental Implants:

  1. Permanent Fixed tooth replacement option
  2. Preservation of Mouth and Facial Structures and Facial Muscles. Your face will not shrink and sink in if you have dental implants. Implants stimulate bone and prevent bone loss.
  3. You will maintain healthy chewing and digestive function. Loss of teeth results in people swallowing food whole. Unchewed food in the stomach, gets stuck, ferments and causes digestive disease. There is no greater immediate negative impact on health than tooth loss.
  4. Maintain healthy attractive smile.


When Should a Tooth be Replaced with a Dental Implant?

A tooth is best replaced the day it is extracted – Immediate implant placement. The best way to avoid expensive Gum Grafting and Bone Grafting is to prevent Bone loss and Gum loss by never going without a tooth or Dental Implant. Our Implant Doctors can provide complete tooth replacement services including Implant placements and Zirconia Teeth. We Offer Titanium and tooth-colored non-metalic Zirconia Implants.

Platelet Rich Fibrin aka PRF is a new service performed by our dentists. PRF is a simple technique we recommend for implant placement and most Oral Surgery Procedures. PRF increases implant success rates, improves results of dental surgery and reduces pain and swelling after the procedure. This service is available in Rockville and Burtonsville MD. IV Sedation Dentistry is available for this procedure in Rockville, Maryland. Call 301-770-2270 to schedule a Implant Consult

Our Implant Specialists will carefully choose the Tooth Replacement option best suited to your needs and situation. We Accept all major Dental Insurance, Credit Cards and also offer easy financing options such as 12 months Interest Free Financing.

Dental Implants vs Dentures:

dentures vs implants  vs dental implants vs dentures


  1. causes bone loss and thinning of jaw bone and facial structure
  2. reduces chewing function
  3. reduced normal healthy digestion
  4. reduces normal B12, Folic Acid and Albumin levels
  5. poor stability. dentures may become dislodged during eating and talking
  6. sticky denture adhesive may be difficult to remove and be uncomfortable
  7. bulky acrylic prothesis covers the entire inside of mouth
  8. food does not taste the same
  9. sinking in of facial structures

Permanent Dental Implants:

  1. Secure confident smile
  2. maintains jaw bone
  3. normal biting forces comparable to natural teeth
  4. healthy normal digestion
  5. maintains B12, Folic Acid and Albumin
  6. Very Stable
  7. No denture adhesive
  8. Smaller more comfortable prothesis that does not cover the entire mouth
  9. can be permanent and stay in your mouth
  10. enjoy all foods again

The least expensive way to replace a mouth of teeth is with conventional dentures. Dentures are not stable, meaning they become dislodged while eating and sometimes even when talking. Dentures are only 20-40% as functional as natural teeth and dental implant dentures. Many denture wearers suffer from weight loss, constipation and acid reflux. Teeth are responsible for chewing food into smaller pieces, so nutrients can be absorbed and enter the body. When food is not properly chewed it gets stuck in the stomach, ferments, causing indigestions, acid reflux, bloating, constipation and malnourishment.

When teeth are removed and not replaced with implants, there is loss of bone, shrinkage of facial structures and facial muscle atrophy. One of the quickest ways to look 10-20 years older is to have your face sink in and collapse after a full mouth of extractions and dentures.

The advantages of seeing an implant dentist for implant supported replacement teeth are: 80-100% of chewing function as natural teeth, minimal loss of bone, no sinking of facial structures, maintenance of digestive health, improved cosmetics, removal of all dental infections.

What are Implants for Teeth? What are Dental Implants?

A tooth implant or dental implant is a piece of titanium, zirconia or ceramic shaped like a root. The new “root” made by various pharmaceutical companies come in several different sizes and shapes. Implants are placed into the jaw where the patients bone and gum grow around and attach after a healing period. Once the implant has healed (2-4 months) a dentist can place crowns, bridges or an entire mouth of teeth.

How Much do dental implants Cost? How much are dental implants?

The “implant” or the root placed by the dentists can cost $1500 – $3000 depending on the kind of implant, who is placing the implant and where it is placed (i.e. Maryland vs NYC)

How Long do dental implants last?

If placed properly in a health patient, an implant will typically last a lifetime

Can anyone get dental implants?

Any health person, with adequate bone who is not allergic to the material is a good implant candidate.

Will dental insurance cover dental implants?

Many insurances will cover 30-80% of the implant cost. Call our office at 301-770-2270 and we will determine your insurance coverages

Are dental implants permanent?

Yes. most implants will last a lifetime and are permanent.

Do Implants stay in the mouth? Can dental implants fall out?

Implants do stay in the mouth and should not fall out during eating or talking or in general. The exception is implant overdentures which are designed to be taken in and out by the patient.

How much is one tooth implant? How much is one dental implant?

the implant root is $1500 – $3000 depending. For a single tooth, the implanted root will need an abutment and crown. Most patients think “tooth” when they hear “implant”. The implant is the root depending, the dentist will place crowns, bridges, dentures, etc. For single teeth you will pay for implant, abutment, crown at the very least. Sometimes it is necessary to have gum and bone grafting too. but if all is need is implant, abutment and crown, the cost is $3500 -$6000 depending on the kind of implant, who is doing it and where the service if performed.

Who does dental implants? What kind of dentist does implants?

generally implant surgery is done by a general dentist with implant training or a gum specialist (periodontist) or oral surgeon. No one dentist kind “specializes” in dental implants. A good general dentist may be the best option, since general dentists can be trained in implant surgery as well as crowns, bridges and dentures.

Who can get implants?

Any healthy person with adequate bone and who is not allergic to the implant material

How much are full mouth dental implants?

to replace an entire mouth of teeth with dental implants costs between $30K – $80K depending on whether the supported teeth are crowns, bridges or dentures. It also depends on the kind of implants (zirconia vs titanium), who is performing the service and where the procedure is being performed. It also depends on how many teeth need to be removed and whether or not there is the need for gum or bone grafting. The best thing to do is come in for a consultation and we will determine you options, how long it will take, how much it will cost and whether or not your insurance will pay anything.



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The Implant Center offers Titanium and Zirconia Dental Implants (tooth colored and metal free implant)

Ceramic implant dentists and zirconia implant dentists may have an easier time with cosmetics since ceramic dental implant are tooth colored and metal free top to bottom.

Some of the Benefits of Visiting the Dental Implant Center at Natural Dentist Associates Rockville:

  • Same Day Dental Implants-New Smile in one day
  • Sleep through the entire process with Sedation Dentistry by our certified Sedation Dentists (painless)
  • Over 10,000+ successful Dental Implants since 2002
  • First Dental Implant Center in Rockville Maryland Since 2002