ALF Appliance

ALF Dentist Treats Small Jaw and Bite Asymmetry

ALF Appliance

Bad Bites and Jaw Misalignment Can Cause TMJ Problems, Poor Sleep and Negatively impact Hormone production and Child Development

An ALF Dentist or ALF Orthodontist uses this appliance as his or her go to for tooth crowding. The ALF Appliance is a Elgiloy wire of 0.025” or 0.028” thickness (about 0.6 to 0.7 mm). The ALF aka. Advanced Lightwire Functional has a high degree of flexibility. ALF can be adjusted to increase the size of the upper and lower jaws. ALF Appliance was invented by Dr. Nordstrom in the 1980s.

Tooth Crowding is a sign of underdevelopment. The underlying cause should be found and corrected. Hint: Look for a Tied Tongue, large tonsils and soft food diet

ALF vs Rapid Palatal Expander. The ALF uses light forces that are round and result in expanding the entire mouth by stimulating bone growth and development. The Development is in the natural shape of the mouth. A Rapid Palatal Expander uses more force and expands more in the back of the mouth and not the front. The result is usually tooth tipping and a V-shaped mouth. The two main problems with Rapid Palatal Expansion: 1) No expansion in the front part of the mouth (it is critical to create room in the front part of the mouth for the tongue to fit, otherwise the tongue will fall into the airway during sleep) 2) expansion is too rapid so very little bone grows, rather there is mostly tooth tipping.

Rapid Palatal Expander VS ALF Orthodontist

rapid palatal expander vs ALF               alf orthodontist

Naturally there is tooth crowding in a small mouth. Crowding of teeth is usually treated as a cosmetic problem by an Orthodontist. Children who have small and under developed mouths cannot breath properly through their mouths and noses and normally sleep poorly. ALF Dentist is hard to find because the focus is normally on straight teeth and Orthodontist. Little or no consideration is given to the advantages of orthopedic growth and creating more room in the mouth for better mouth and nasal breathing. When teeth crowding is seen, seeking out a qualified ALF Specialist or ALF Dentist has many advantages.

ALF orthodontist                            ALF dentist

Benefits of Advanced Ligthwire Functional Orthodontics:

  1. Corrects Crowding of Teeth by creating more room in the mouth for the teeth to fit side-by-side.
  2. Decreases or Eliminates the need for complex orthodontics and braces
  3. Improves Tongue Position and Function
  4. Improves the Size of the Airway (Mouth and Nose)
  5. Improves Sleep
  6. Decreases TMJ Pain
  7. Improves Bite or Occlusion
  8. Improves Breathing Through the Nose
  9. Improves Sinus Drainage
  10. Improves Overall Balance of the Facial Bones
  11. Improves Posture

ALF Appliance is the treatment of choice for KIDS and Adults who are not experiencing severe TMJ symptoms

ALF Dentist uses the Advanced Lightwire Functional in combination with tongue and chewing exercises (aka functional forces). The orthopedic treatment is ideal for Kids and Adults who do not have significant TMJ or Sleep related issues. The goal of ALF orthodontics is to create the proper space in the mouth for Teeth, Tongue, and Breathing and additionally to balance jaws and facial bones. The ALF is an invaluable tool for kids in Holistic Orthodontics. The ALF is an orthopedic appliance that can correct under developing kids jaws with light advanced forces. The appliance can increase jaw development and create room to fit crowded teeth.

What Causes Tooth Crowding and Under Development?

  • Tongue Tie
  • Lip Tie

ALF dentist                   ALF orthodontist

ALF Orthodontist should be explored in kids with crowded teeth. With proper management of growth, a kid may never need braces or Traditional Orthodontics.  More Importantly, a kid may never need to experience TMJ Pain and Sleep Apnea – the ultimate outcome for kids who under develop in the Jaws and Airway. Advanced Lightwire Functional Therapy is a very popular treatment in our Holistic Dentistry Practice. Come see our ALF Dentist or ALF Specialist for a consult.

Jaw (aka the Maxilla) is the base of many of the sinuses and the nasal passageway. If your upper jaw is not a proper size and shape, you will NOT breathe properly through your nose and your sinuses will not drain well.

The ALF Appliance or Alternative Lightwire Functional is a small flexible and springy wire. The ALF Appliance wire applies light constant forces to the teeth, similar in strength to a developing human tongue. This service is available in Rockville MD and Burtonsville MD.

The DNA Appliance is ideal for Treating Adults and Kids with TMJ and Sleep and Airway problems.

When an individual has Sleep, Airway and TMJ related symptoms, the problems are more advanced. More advanced TMJ / Sleep problems disrupt nerves, muscles and bones throughout the entire body. The DNA Appliance is an invaluable tool for the TMJ Specialist.

The DNA Appliance can treat a TMJ Problem and an Airway problem at the same time.

The DNA Appliance is the appliance of choice when a patient suffers from Sleep / Airway and TMJ pain.

ALF Appliance Treatment

Small loops are bent into the wire called “Omega Loops” where expansion or spacing is desired. The ALF can be custom designed by the dentist and altered during the course of treatment to correct the specific patients problems. The ALF appliance is very small, comfortable and temporarily placed during the period of treatment.

ALF Orthodontist

Treatment times are quite varied and can last as few as 3-6 months or as long as 1-3 years depending on the complexity of the case. The ALF appliance is comfortable and does not usually affect speech. The ALF Appliance being small is easy to clean and does not collect much food.

The ALF has been shown to reverse the effects of poor facial development, facial damage caused by traumatic birth, some TMJ pain, and pain and facial damage caused by aggressive orthodontics. The ALF can also correct facial asymmetries, produce palatal expansion, and open the Airway.

Many patients diagnosed with Sleep Apnea can be treated with the ALF Dental Appliance. The ALF will open space in the palatal area, creating more volume in the oral cavity and a better resting position for the tongue (so the tongue will not obstruct the airway). The ALF can in some cases cure Sleep Apnea, TMJ pain, and poor sinus and cranial draining.

Many patients suffering from TMJ Pain, Airway issues, chronic head and neck pain, and failed orthodontics can be successfully treated with An ALF or DNA Appliance. The DNA Appliance is a removable appliance and also treats cases where there is TMJ Pain, Airway issues, chronic head and neck pain, and failed orthodontics.